This Chick Stripping Naked And Going On A RANT At A Gym Must Have Been Confused About Her New Year’s Resolutions

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 9.12.41 AM


Here’s the Instagram uploader to shed a little light on the situation:

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 9.16.01 AM

So now I totally get what was going on, what she was yelling, and the entirety of her motivations in life. But for real she’s talking about guns in her locker, walking around naked, it’s hard to tell if something in her brain broke or if this is all some alpha chick showing of dominance we just can’t comprehend. How do you talk sense into someone who doesn’t fear even the basic human emotions of shame or judgment? You don’t. And that’s how she wins. That and the fact no one wants to grab the naked chick walking around, break something in her brain even worse, and end up the target of her wrath. But she’s unfuckwithable overall and that kind of dominance over a room of poor people trying to sweat off the Oreos they had last night is hard to pull off. You don’t have to respect it but you do have to fear it if you see this chick taking a layer off somewhere near you.

Also was it just me or did it kind of feel like the dude in the black shirt and white pants was trying to smash at first? I don’t think he actually knew her but I felt like he could talk her off the ledge, call her “baby,” then all of a sudden he’s the mayor of Crazy Pussy Canyon. Instead he realized it was a lost cause fast, to his credit. Just a thought, I could be wrong, I’m not the psycho naked gym chick pickup expert you might assume.

PS did it not occur to anyone to pull the Lunk Alarm? What is Planet Fitness even bastardizing the concept of fitness across the country for?

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