This Black Auburn Chick Went After White Nationalist Richard Spencer During A Q&A And Honestly She Put On A Hell Of A Show

HuffPo – Auburn University student Morgan Buckles, who said she filmed the video, told HuffPost that the white nationalist didn’t deny that black Americans have been oppressed or claim to know their pain, but Spencer maintained that white people are targeted by affirmative action.

Affirmative action policies have been shown to benefit white people, specifically white women in narrowing academic and business gender gaps.

Buckles said the young woman in the video was the only person who managed to speak over an unruly crowd and to get Spencer to listen to a question.

“He and his supporters continuously cut people off who were asking questions,” she told HuffPost. “They disrespected people and he would call them boring or say he didn’t want to hear them and dismiss[ed] them.”

Reminder…this is the last time Richard Spencer went viral:

So yeah I’m going to say that for everyone involved, this was a pretty big improvement. And honestly for as much as she obviously had her opinion made up coming in — shocking that a black woman in Alabama would disagree with a white nationalist — she ended up forcing them to hear an actual human, maybe gave him something to think about, kept it mostly civil, that’s something that could actually help things. I’m not sure you can turn around a room of people dabbling in white supremacy but I’ll take something like this 1,000 times over people rioting to keep that Milo guy from speaking on campuses. People should have a right to convene and talk, others should have a right to be heard in response, that’s the ideal college experience where you actually get out of your comfort zone and learn something.

But even more than that, it is pretty funny to see how one sassy black chick can shut down a roomful of white kids whom I’m sure say a lot of brave things online or in a group like this but have a hard time saying it to another human’s face. They wanted to go back at her, they chirped about “affirmative action” or whatever, but she was having none of it. They were going to hear what she had to say whether they wanted it or not. You’ve got to admire that kinda of black woman attitude that can take over a whole room like that, I bet even Richard Spencer felt it move a little as she berated him, might have even searched Interracial on Spankbang when he got home. The power of a strong black woman.

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