The Pilot Of The Blimp That Went Down At Erin Hills Has Had 1 Crash And 2 Emergency Landings In 2 Years

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Fox 6The pilot of a blimp that crashed Thursday, June 15th near the U.S. Open, during the opening round of the golf tournament suffered serious injuries, including burns, investigators said. The CEO of AirSign identified the pilot as Trevor Thompson, and FOX6 News has learned something like this has happened to Thompson before.

According to WPHT, Thompson was forced to make an “unexpected landing” on May 20th, 2016 off Interstate 95 in Fishtown, Pennsylvania.

WPHT spoke with Thompson, who said his engine failed in the middle of a flight over Philadelphia.

The engine failed a total of three times, Thompson said. Thompson and his passenger escaped injury.

And according to the New York Daily News, in November of 2015, Thompson made an emergency landing in Long Island after his blimp got caught up in high winds.

[Regarding Thursday crash], Walsh confirmed one person was on the blimp at the time. He identified Thompson as the pilot. Walsh said he is “the most sought after pilot to fly this type of blimp model.”

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Blimpin’ ain’t easy. Trevor Thompson, blimp pilot extraordinaire, has been in more crashes in 2 years than an Air Force pilot sees in a career. Granted, it’s a lot easier to survive a blimp crash than an F15 crash. Basically like lowering a gigantic pillow to the ground. Regardless, the fact that Thompson is still blimping just blows my mind. He MUST have other job offers. Sure, it’s nice to be “the most sought after pilot to fly this type of blimp model.” But maybe learn to fly some of the newer blimp models that don’t explode for no particular reason? Update your skill set bud. Parachuting out of fireball blimps at major golf tournaments because you’re flying a Hindenburg memorial is neither nostalgic nor practical.

We talked about it a bit on that miscarriage of a rundown yesterday, but blimp-flying seems wildly unnecessary. We have drones now. Why not just create some flying mattress that we can control from the ground? Do we really need a pilot for these stupid things? Having said that, the images of these downed blimps make me laugh. I don’t know why. They look like the embyronic sack of some escaped alien. Deflated shit balloons coming to baseball parks and highways near you!

Anyway, here’s wishing Captain (?) Thompson a speedy recovery. Hopefully, the blimpers union of America hands him a comfy pension plan after this.

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