Smokesmash Matchup from Hell – Alex from Iowa vs. Brooklynn from UC Irvine

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.51.51 AM




Alexandra from Iowa


Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-1.10.20-PM Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-1.08.01-PM Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-1.09.43-PM Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-1.10.03-PM Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-1.10.26-PM Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-1.10.39-PM



Brooklynn from UC Irvine


Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-6.19.42-PM Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-6.19.02-PM Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-6.19.32-PM Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-6.19.50-PM Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-6.19.59-PM Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-6.19.08-PM




1 for Alexandra…5 for Brooklynn…


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