Shark Knight: The Great White Journo

Finally lost my Journalist virginity, or shall we say, my “virJOURNOty.” What an exhilarating experience. It’s easy to see why so many people chose the Big J as a career path.

Now obviously I made some rookie mistakes. First and foremost, I got a little too dialed in when interviewing my big homie Zhang Zhaoxu that I didn’t notice┬áthe most famous (and largest) person in China walking towards me until it was too late.

Snagging an interview with Yao Ming my first day as a Journo would have sent my career on a trajectory to the moon. May have even secured me an invitation to partake in next year’s #budlightbusters. Oh well, just gonna have to keep my nose to grindstone and keep searching for scoops. Pulitzers aren’t won in a day.

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