Pat McAfee State Of The Union – I Need Some Interns.

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Well hello beautiful people.. I hope life is fantastic. I’ve been cookin here in Indianapolis.. From #2Stools2Beers to recording some interviews for my podcast, all the way to agreeing to architectural drawings for the Barstool Indy headquarters… every day has been filled with some pretty epic shit..

My first podcast under the Barstool Sports umbrella will be dropping next Thursday.. it will be something I think most of you will enjoy. My boys and I banter about topical events and then if something pops up where we have a question, we call a friend with insider knowledge to chime in with their opinions. I’ve been lucky enough to party with/befriend some of the coolest dudes in sports, some of which you may have never heard of, and that’s because the mainstream media chooses not to interview some of the most interesting athletes in sports because most of the time they don’t play a superstar position. Those are the dudes I’m friends with; dudes that will keep it real with me as oppose to the stereotypical scripted answer superstars give to most media outlets. My mom says “it’s averagely entertaining, but incredibly informative at the same time”.. not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but you should come fuck with us next Thursday.. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.. I have no idea where it is.. but it’s titled “The Pat McAfee Show presented by Barstool Sports”.. Last night we did a run thru of the podcast and streamed it live on my Facebook page “Pat McAfee Inc.”… it went over pretty well, we’ll probably continue to do that..

In this new world I’ve entered, sponsorship money is how it all works.. I’ve had a few companies reach out to me and it’s been an interesting mental battle on how to not be a sellout, but still make a living.. Barstool is a gigantic platform that I’m lucky to have been hired on to, but I want to make sure the companies that are investing in me, are companies I actually like.. So know that if I do a deal with anybody, I actually use their shit, I’m not selling out.. speaking of that.. I’ve been ignoring Red Bull real hard, because they want to send me up in one of those fucking vomit comet racing planes.. Big fan of their drink, big fan of their air races, but I get nauseous on basic ass airplanes.. if I strap into one of those rockets, I’ll be miserable for at least a month… I assume Pageviews will talk me into doing that eventually, so I can’t wait for you’s guys to watch me puke all over a cockpit..

The other day Todd (VP of Barstool Indy) and I met with some folks who work for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.. Be excited for the content that’s going to come from the Indy 500.. The month of May in Indianapolis is pretty sweet for those of you who don’t know.. The Indy 500 is an excuse for a month long fiesta in our beautiful city and we’ll be right in the middle of all of it… “All Access to everything Indy 500 for Barstool Indy” was an actual quote..

A couple of my boys from Pittsburgh quit their jobs and are in the process of moving to Indy to work for me knowing that I will not be paying them a salary… They made a much dumber decision than I, but I love them for it.. I’m excited for my team to keep building out here for Barstool Indy.. Which leads me to this.. I have received a ton of messages from folks asking me how they can become an intern at Barstool Indy, the hustlers paradise..

As you know, Barstool is the breeding ground for the American dream… If you get a chance to work in a Barstool Sports office you have the opportunity to make all of your dreams come true.. Create something awesome and there is a very solid chance that you’ll get seen on the hottest platform on the internet.. So, do you think I should hire you? Do people tell you you’re funny? Are you a video editing wizard? Are you an incredible blogger in your mind? Can you do Media Tech (I have no idea what the fuck this means, but Erika tells me we need one)? Do you have a personality that every time you walk into a room the place gets lifted? Hows your work ethic? I want to hear about it… Send a 90 second video submission to [email protected]. In the subject line please state what you think you’d be hired for.. (personality, video editor, go-for, IT Guy/Girl, etc. etc.).. In that 90 seconds tell me why you want to come work at Barstool Indy and what you’ll bring to the table.. Obviously, be creative… We are in the creative business.. We will then select 100 folks for face-to-face interviews in early March..

Have your videos submitted by Tuesday the 21st of February at noon… This is not a paid internship… But a hell of an opportunity… Cheers.. Viva.



Annnnnd here’s some motivation about the current mainstream media we are going to dominate

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