Pakistani Bro Drives Around With A Lion In His Truck And The Police Are NOT Happy About It

Source – Authorities in Pakistan said a man is facing charges after a viral video showed him driving around Karachi with a lion in the bed of his pickup truck. The video, recorded in the Karimabad area this week, shows the black pickup cruising down a street with the lion casually lounging in the back, unrestrained by anything except a leash held by a man inside the vehicle.

The video was reported to police, who identified the lion’s owner as Saqlain Jawaid, a Karachi pet dealer. Jawaid said he has the proper permits to keep the lion and the incident in the viral video was him driving the big cat to a veterinarian to be seen for an illness. Investigators said the man was found to have had a permit to operate a small private zoo, but the permit expired in 2016. Authorities said Jawaid is expected to face charges including negligence and spreading fear and panic.


When they say its owner was “thrown in a cage” they mean an actual cage. Not a cushy American-style jail with a warm concrete bed and three square meals a day. A legit bird cage. Imagine this:


Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 4.26.16 PM

but in 105 degree heat.

The whole thing is weird because I didn’t know Pakistan had laws. I thought they were all about street justice but apparently the cops get their panties in a bunch over a friendly lion. How else is he supposed to get a six-hundred pound animal to it’s appointments? You can’t walk it on the street. I actually feel bad for the lion, it’s not his fault. He probably moved to the city to be anonymous, blend in, fly below the radar. One trip to the doctors and he’s more famous than Cecil.

I’d like to know how Pakistani law enforcement decides which laws to enforce.  Terrorism- cool. Lion in a truck- not cool. Besides, the guy had all his papers, they were just expired, cut him some slack. The question now is; will the punishment fit the crime? They have some medieval style rules in the Stan. Wife walks in front of you? Stone her in the public square. Couple has consensual pre-marital sex? Kill them. If they are going to punish him it should be for being dumb enough to post his “crime” online  not for being a good lion dad.



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