“Miracle Crimes” Got Arrested Again, Which Begs The Question: Is It Okay To Kick Someone In The Nuts During A Fight?

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Source – On May 30, Miracle Crimes allegedy hurled a donut tray at the assistant manager of the Pride Gas Station on Berkshire Avenue after being told to leave the store, according to the arrest report.

When police arrived, she resisted arrest and threatened to kill the officers before being Tasered and transported to police headquarters. Once there, she kicked an officer in the groin and renewed her threats, the report said.

Crimes, 31, of Springfield, was booked on six charges, including two counts of threat to commit a crime (murder), assault and battery on a police officer (foot), and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (doughnut tray). On Friday, she returned to court and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

First and foremost I’m against violence of any kind, especially towards law enforcement. So when I heard our girl Miracle Crimes got arrested again it made me sad. Don’t get me wrong, she deserved it. Telling someone you’re going to hit them in the head only to kick them in the dick is a funny dirty move. Or is it? The particulars of her arrest got my wheels turning. Law enforcement aside, is it okay to kick someone in the dick during a fight?

For Miracle it ended with a tase to the chest and a stint in the psych ward but she’s different. I’m talking like a normal street fight. I think it is. If I’m backed into a corner and my only option is a kick to the balls, I’m kicking you in the balls ten times out of ten. Charlie Murphy style.  Even if it’s not my only option I’m kicking you in the balls. Why sit there and take punches like an idiot when a well placed kick can end the fight before it starts. You just can’t miss because if you do it’s over. I bet it happens more than we think too. It’s just never uploaded because its “taboo.” Whatever, I’m not afraid to break down barriers. I’ll kick you in the nuts and I don’t care who knows it. In the words of Mike Tyson “fuck it, it’s a fight.”

Kind of funny how this whole thing got started over a donut tray. I didn’t think it was a deadly weapon but what do I know. The whole thing reminds me of an episode of Reno 911. “I’m gonna hit you in the head!” WHAP “I didn’t tell ya what head!” It’s impressive that she had the presence of mind to pull it all together. I’d like to say it’s the last time we’ll hear about her but we all know thats not the case. It’s going to take a miracle to keep her out of jail.

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