Michigan Cops Rip Through The Quad In An SUV And Smash Into Lamp Posts While Chasing A Robbery Suspect


Michigan DailyA crowd of students quickly gathered on the Diag after an Ann Arbor Police Department vehicle knocked over a lamppost while pursuing a fleeing suspect Thursday afternoon.

Officers on the scene confirmed the suspect was arrested, but would not say what crime they the individual was suspected of committing.



Campus cops chasing on foot. Ann Arbor PD ripping through in a fucking SUV. Going like 95 straight through the quad smashing into lampposts. Like an episode of Keystone Kops combined with incredibly irresponsible real life police work putting students lives in danger. All for what? A robbery or something?



In an interview with the Daily, Lt. Matthew Lige from the Ann Arbor Police Department said the suspect who was apprehended was wanted in relation to a robbery. Patrol officers had seen the suspect on campus and attempted to interact with him before he fled, leading to a pursuit.



They are getting crushed by the internet, but to play devil’s advocate for a second…it was a (suspected) armed robbery, and he was headed towards the library.



Lige said the suspect resisted arrest and the police officers involved sustained minor injuries, adding that the officers were concerned about the direction in which the suspect was headed.

“One of our concerns was when he took off running, he took off running on the Diag and we believed that his intent was to go in the (Hatcher) Graduate Library,” he said. “And obviously we did not want him to go in the Graduate Library for a number of reasons.”



A guy trapped in a college library with a gun – not an ideal situation. But then again neither is getting run over by an SUV while you’re laying on a beach towel in the grass next to your frisbee and hackey sack.  So who knows, maybe this was just a no-win situation all around.

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