Drake Went On A Valentine’s Day Date With Twin Swedish Models And Continues To Cement Himself As The Cocksman Of His Generation

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ED – The Lejonhjärta twins, Elizabeth and Victoria, are two hauntingly beautiful models who spent the holiday hanging with Toronto’s best boy while JLo was nowhere in sight.

Drake took the two to Novikov in London for dinner before one of his concerts, Perez Hilton reports, days after sharing a photo of the twins backstage, rocking his merch.

Liz and Vic’s friendship with Drizzy is pretty longstanding. Back in December, the 30-year-old even got their last name tattooed on his forearm.

Nicholson. DiCaprio. Drake. Cocksmen through and through, once in a lifetime slingers of pipe who have torn through countless beautiful bodies of varying degrees of fame. And while Drake is known as a bit of a player, he really doesn’t get the recognition of some of those other legends out there for whatever reason. But think about his hit list:

J Lo


Serena Williams

Countless pseudofamous Instagram chicks like India Love (and her less famous sister)

Plus dozens more like Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Zoe Kravitz and other hot chicks you don’t know. And now he’s rebounding from J Lo with a set of Swedish model twins for a Valentine’s Day sesh. I mean you just have to tip a cap to the dude. I’ve never been a big Drake guy despite his obvious musical talent because I prefer my rappers with a little more thug to them but clearly his form of catchy hooks and hookup music is exactly what he needs to be keep crushing chicks like he has been. Twins on Valentine’s Day, outlandish behavior right on par with Leo’s supermodel private island. Legends doing legend things.

So hey this one goes out to you Drake, kings stay kings. I just want to applaud you today for your prolificness…maybe sniff your fingers a lil.

Don’t even care if you don’t find them hot, they’re models AND….

^man talk about a commercial that wouldn’t be allowed to exist today. Oh yeah sorry for the tangent, go Drake’s dick go.

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