Can You Actually Get Out Of The Friend Zone? And How? Swipe Drunk Love At 9PM Live On Facebook Live Will Tell You

It’s an all new Swipe Drunk Love tonight with me, Smitty, and Alyssa “Eye Contact Optional” Rose and we’re going to tackle an issue we get a lot from callers: The dreaded friend zone. The friend zone has been a common phrase for decades but is getting back in the spotlight with weird online dudes demanding women get rid of it in order to reproduce and spring being a popular time for awkward confessions of love. So live at 9PM on the Barstool Sports Facebook Live we’re going to rack our brains to figure out how to get you out and keep you out aaaaand probably take your stories of struggle along the way.

If you missed last week, catch up now with our episode all about slump busters. We had drunk girls calling in, helpful advice on how to find a slump buster girl or break a slump without goin’ hoggin’, and more:

You can also listen to last week’s episode on Soundcloud here. Tune in tonight at 9PM on Facebook Live, get some advice at (646) 627-8450, look at Alyssa’s tits, we’ll have a grand old time.

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