Butler University Kid And Huge Cubs Fan Sneaks Into World Series With Fake Bleacher Report Credentials

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SmokeroomChicago Cubs fan Luke Zapolski has a tale to tell for the rest of his life about sneaking into the World Series with fake media credentials.

Zapolski, 18, successfully snuck into Wrigley Field in Chicago with fake Bleacher Report credentials and he chronicled the story on SnapChat.

Zapolski told The Daily Caller he snuck in with fake media credentials because he’s “simply a broke college student who could not miss the chance of watching the Cubs play in the World Series.”

He claims he was threatened with two felony charges but the Cubs security backed off when they heard he was a big fan and that he “told them that the Cubs’ organization likely would not be to happy when they heard some random 18 year old snuck in and even worked security at the player’s entrance, they quickly changed their minds and just let me leave.”

Love these stories every time they happen. Just few things cooler than getting to sneak into your team’s game…and the fucking World Series? Watching the Cubs in Wrigley when you’re a huge fan. That’s awesome. Didn’t really work out for this dude as well as it has for people in the past thought:

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Still pretty fucking sweet. Genius move going with Bleacher Report too. Basically anyone with an internet connection can work for those guys so tough to question it.

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