Australian Police Did A Weird Ironic 80s Parody Video For A Festival Featuring A Law-Violating Man In A Chicken Suit

There once was a time where we got weird on Saturdays but now, thanks to this bizarre video from the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services in advance of a festival, you’re getting some bonus weirdness two days early. And while I do admire local authorities doing something to try to get attention from the youth who’ll attend the festival, I think that maybe this isn’t the way to get your point across. Putting a VHS tape tracking filter on a “wacky” video isn’t going to make people going to a large music festival suddenly go “You know what? Let’s leave the drugs at home this time.” Warn them about counterfeit tickets, tell them about how you get arrested for scaling a fence, but doing some sort of half-cocked Aussie fake retro Reno 911 parody is a pointless move.

For the record, if you want to reach the youth, this is how you do it:

This one too:

…I still love this cartoon but boy that war on marijuana was a real fucking propaganda machine huh? I can’t stay mad at the Ninja Turtles and ALF especially but the fear mongering in here definitely worked on me when I was younger. A misguided piece of media? Perhaps. But despite that, it’s undeniably way more effective than a deliberately awkward Aussie cop and a dude in a chicken suit. Can’t argue it.

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