March Madness Announcers Tell The Hilarious Story Of How Arkansas Star Dusty Hannahs’ Dad Used To Lock Him Out Of The House For Missing Shots In Games

Laugh out loud funny moment from this weekend’s March Madness action – mostly because I knew exactly what the reaction was going to be. Like these announcers thought they were telling this inspiring light hearted story about motivating your son and pushing him to be the best he could be. Didn’t seem to know that the internet would instantly start calling the police and reporting like retroactive child abuse.

How do you end up averaging 15 a game for an NCAA tournament team (that should have knocked off #1 UNC and still be playing right now if they didn’t completely blow it)? By having figures in your life that push you and don’t let you settle for mediocrity. By having a dad that leaves you at the gym, makes you walk home, then locks all the doors and leaves a basketball on the stoop and doesn’t let you in until you shoot jumpers in the driveway for 3 hours.

Mr. Hannahs – awesome dad, kind of an asshole, but awesome dad.

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