A Trump Supporter At The LA Women’s Marches Got Surrounded By A Bunch Of Protesters And Proceeded To Shout Down Every Last One Of Them

One of the largest organized protests in US history and Big Joe is out here in LA ready to argue back at every single one of them if he has to. Maybe it’s a trade of loosely informed points being shouted back and forth by both sides. Maybe he actually has some rebuttals about the founding of Planned Parenthood and some of the aggressive eugenics-rooted racism driven by its founder in the beginning. But it’s hard not to see him there batting back some of the less informed protesters who say things like “you’re on a bicycle and you’re oblivious” without any substance behind it and not fall in love with Big Joe. Yeah he’s big and loud and he clings to a lot of conservative media talking points like just shouting “political correctness” over and over again. But what he’s saying here was no less valid than anything coming out of the protesters’ mouths. And his main point was right, Trump really hasn’t had a chance to do anything yet. There are a lot of voices who wanted to be heard, good for them showing up and doing that, but protesting the actions of a President who hasn’t even been President yet, arguing with people for calmly feeling different, these are the things Big Joe’s talking about. Judge people by what they’ve actually done instead of perceptions in your head, whether it’s eugenics-loving contraception agency founders, controversial newly elected leaders, or big gregarious dudes arguing on videos from cornball YouTubers in the middle of a street.

On the plus side, there was no violence and no one coldcocked Big Joe from behind because they didn’t agree with the things he was shouting. Probably helps he’s a 6’3 350-pound black dude but it’s progress from a few days ago I guess.

Big Joe: A man. A straight man.

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