A Little Brazilian Kid Tore Up A Classroom While Teachers Stood There Because They’re Not Allowed To Do Anything


Liveleak – In Brazil there is a law that protects children and those responsible can not stop him or hold him as they can go to jail. At the end they had to call the police and firefighters, only authorities that can do something in this situation.


No denying this kid is awful but damn was this a hilariously dickish little move on his part:




Kid’s like a natural pro wrestling heel, sign him up for Brazilian jiu-jitsu now and watch Dana White jizz himself in 10 years when this kid is the hottest draw on pay-per-view.


But more than anything, this should be a cold look at where we’re going to be in America soon. By now you’ve probably seen the viral Internet video of a South Carolina cop wrestling a girl across a room at a school (or a “Meatstick cop ragdolling a girl to hell” in Barstool Philly speak) and it was just announced that cop got fired. And of course, when one thing like that happens — regardless of how awful it looks relative to the actual situation — everyone freaks out and wants to get less police in schools and have them be hands off because woe are our precious awful children.


And this is the result. In Brazil, they can’t even stop a kid as he’s ragdolling some papers and furniture around in classic meatstick fashion. It’s all such a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. You let officials treat kids like adults when doing shitty things at school, they end up taking a trip to Suplex City. You stop teachers from pinning a kid down as he Hulk Smashes everything in sight, he could have seriously hurt someone or himself and there’s no question it’s going to be impossible to get him on the right track when they can’t even stop something as insane as this. We’re just so fucked as a planet and it’s depressing. Hopefully we at least get a boxing match between this kid and that South Carolina cop out of it to make me feel better.


And Alexandräo wept, for there were no more horrified Brazilian schools to conquer:


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.57.30 AM

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