A High School Kid’s Mom Attacking Some Other Kid Has To Be The Most Embarrassing Thing Ever


KTLA – A 49-year-old mother was booked on suspicion of battery after allegedly pushing and shoving a student at Glendora High School [in California] who she claimed was being rude to her.

The incident took place Friday and was captured on cellphone video, which apparently showed Erin Lisa Sims grab a teen and try to pull him away when another student — believed to be her son — hits the teen in the back with one of his crutches, Lt. Matt Williams with the Glendora Police Department confirmed.

The video, initially obtained by Glendora City News, then shows a third student — apparently the brother of the teen who had just been struck by the crutch — walking toward Sims’ son.

Sims claimed she was trying to break up a possible fight and the first teen was being rude to her when she grabbed him by the shirt to take him to the administrator’s office, Williams said.


Maybe kids these days view the world a little differently given the whole “helicopter parents” thing and how they get coddled. But all I could think watching this video is “Holy shit no one at this school is ever talking to this kid again.” No girls, no friends, even the teachers probably are hanging him off lockers by his underwear band. You just can’t have your mom rhinocerosing her way around the school like this. ESPECIALLY if she’s trying to “protect” you. It’s not even one of those embarrassing things you do that could ironically make you a legend in high school if the fates align, like shitting yourself in an assembly or throwing up everywhere at a party. Just no coming back from it, this kid’s life submarined by the lunchlady arms of parental embarrassment forever.


Also what the fuck did this lady think she was going to do? Losing her cool like that is pretty sad but even still, she’s not exactly in prime physical shape to fight off aggressive high school kids. Kids swinging crutches, they’re all fired up, has she not seen some of these one punch knockout videos we have on Barstool almost daily? Not saying I wanted to see her get punched in the face…but she kinda deserved to get punched in the face. I’m pretty sure it’s okay to say that now since International Women’s Day is over.

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