11 Alcorn State Football Players Arrested After Massive Cafeteria Brawl Spills Out Into The Parking Lot


LORMAN, Miss.Eleven Alcorn State football players have been arrested after authorities say a fight broke out on the school’s Mississippi campus.

The fight started April 10 in the school’s cafeteria. Officials said the event was captured on several cellphone cameras and widely circulated last week.

Davis said the charges against the players are all misdemeanors and range from malicious mischief to simple assault.

According to reports, the eleven players arrested are sophomore defensive backs Lei’shaun Ealey, Deago Sama and Quintin Smith, freshman defensive backs Taurence Wilson and Javen Morrison, junior defensive backs Daniel Franklin and Jalen Thomas, sophomore linebackers Terry Whittington and Trae Ferrell, freshman defensive lineman Kwanzi Jackson and junior defensive end Michael Brooks.



Wait were these guys fighting each other?  Or other students?  Alcorn State football players aren’t exactly household faces to me so I couldn’t tell but that’s kind of an important distinction as far as the upcoming season is concerned.  If they’re fighting other students, while not the best look, it’s encouraging from a teamwork perspective.   Coming together to unite against a common enemy, a band of brothers standing side by side and whooping up on some opponents.  Exactly what you want to see from your guys assuming they can carry that camaraderie onto the field once the charges/jail time clears up.

If they’re fighting each other however I would go out on a limb and say it doesn’t bode well.   Tough enough to head into training camp and a new season with a bunch of new guys and savvy veterans trying to mesh together without the D-backs punching the left tackles in the fucking face next to the salad bar and pizza station.

So what I’m saying is I think I’ll wait for the media to clear some of the reporting up for me here before I drop any of my paycheck on the Miles game September 2nd.

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